A Melbourne based film production company


Clustercuss Productions was launched in late 2010 with a short documentary for Melbourne based poster design cometition (but so much more) Positive Posters. Clustercuss Productions is now the official video partner for PP, currently producing a documentary on the 2011 competition and interviews with PP sponsors.

Our first narrative short film is currently in pre-production (on hold till the summer), to be completed in 2012. Hopefuly it will launch with a splash the comic and dramatic styles and eccentric nature that has come to characterize the work of Clustercuss.

The future Clustercuss Productions office has been discussed and will contain a skateboarding rink, painted green-screen green, many fridges (filled with food), and an instrument area complete with Marshall stack amps.

Clustercuss often find listening to music in languages other than English very helpful to the writing process. Other tips for communication include making sounds to describe what you are thinking and giving Gus a pen and paper.

Clustercuss Productions is Gus George & Sam Osborn


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