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Here’s an image I created this evening — it’s a composite of three night time long exposures of cars on a freeway, layered over each other.

composite higway


Hey guys! So the film is ALMOST DONE. The editing has all been locked down, and now we’re just finishing off the colour grading and sound mixing, which is super exciting! We’ve already entered into three short film festivals – St. Kilda Film Festvial, Lone Star International Film Festval and Hamburg International Short Film Festival.

We’ve also just launched a crowdfunding project to raise some funds to cover production costs. It’s on the awesome Australian site Pozible, and individuals who donate get awesome rewards to do with the film including stills, DVD, a copy of the script, posters, invitation to the premiere etc.

So it’s really awesome, check it out, and if you want support us!]


Also like our facebook page for more updates etc.



There was a bit of a lull in progress with the film as the university semester wrapped up, but now we are on holidays and the editor is back in town so we are again steaming ahead. We are now 90% finished the rough cut of the film, strongly focusing on making the story as easy to understand as possible and working out where holes are that need to be filled or worked around. It’s been a really fun process and really rewarding to come up with solutions to problems that sometimes seem like dead-ends.

We’ve even thrown in some fast cutting for one of the sequences and pushed the edit in a more non-naturalistic direction.

Anyway progress is good and this rough cut will be finished in the next week, with then the fine editing process beginning and eventually a long sound design process and colour grade.

I’ll leave you with a few stills from the actual footage of the film (as in the scanned 16mm footage) to give a bit of a taste.

Darren in his box

Darren in his box

Jamie (Darren's ex-girlfriend) and her best friend Lisa

Jamie (Darren's ex-girlfriend) and her best friend Lisa


Well now that the work is over, there is time again to work on other projects…

I finally got round to editing together a montage of some of the underwater model footage from the documentary I shot, “Finding Mero” into it’s own video.

I chucked the footage into black and white which really helped seperate the models from the background and I also slowed down the motion. The final touch was a noise reduction filter from Neat Video that really smoothed out the noise of the camera but also added a faint glow to the models’ skin.

Anyway hope you enjoy.

Models are Tori Bellentina modelmayhem.com/bellentina  and Kiara F modelmayhem.com/kiaraF

24/10/11 WRAP ON MY FILM

So just wrapped on my directorial debut last night… We shot over five days both on location and in a studio. The whole experience was really enjoyable and gave a realy nice sense of closure to all the work we’d been doing leading up to it.

The film is about Darren, late 20s, who tries to win his girlfriend, Jamie,  back with an epic romantic gesture, by posting himself to her in a box, complete with a rose, tuxedo and apology speech.

We had a lot of fun making the different boxes and finding creative ways to do everything and we managed to do everything pratically and on almost no budget. We ended up having to custom modify boxes to get exactly the look we wanted.

Overall a great experience and I’m really looking forward to seeing where this film goes.

Here’s a still from just after we wrap — in one of the boxes with the camera, the script and a rose…

31/08/11 Narrative film in the works, to be made on 16mm

Been working on scripts lately, to make on 16mm for uni this semester. I’m writing and directing and basically want to make a really strong film to demonstrate a touch for directing or writing… Which is a lot to hope for I guess…

The process for this one has been interesting, I’ve had a concept for ages that I’ve been trying to work with and written it out at least twenty times in all different genres and styles, with different protagonists and varying situations. Recently I’ve been trying to work it with these same characters that I’ve come up with that I like.

After many drafts where something just wasn’t write I finally hammered out a treatment that works, although I’ve now got a straight romantic drama script and my brother has come up with a drama as well… Considering making them into a collective film…

Anyway hopefully this version sticks and the film will be underway!

12/07/11 Short documentary debuts online …

So one of my latest projects, a short documentary on underwater fashion photographer Cal Mero, has debuted online at  divephotoguide.com. I was the cinematographer for this doco which was shot in two days, one day of interviews and one day documenting one of Cal’s shoots. The above ground footage was shot on a TV Broadcast camera and the underwater stuff was shot in a specialized plastic bag basically, on a Canon 7D and Sony A1P.

Really happy with how it turned out and hopefully we will refine the edit and enter it into some festivals.

Directed by Jack Schiller and Alice Krieger, Produced by Danielle Beloti, Sound by Paddy Schiller

Here’s a behind the scenes still of our interview setup.

interview setup

Behind the scenes still of the interview setup

01/06/11 Yahel Song Slice (Instrumental)

Yahel Song Slice (Instrumental)
A short instrumental I’ve been working on. Played on an acoustic guitar going through Guitar Rig 4


“Yanni Likes Friday Night Lights”

A friend, Yanni, asked me to record a song for a student film that sounded like something of the Friday Night Lights soundtrack, by Explosions In The Sky.

I used this as a jumping point to create this.

The song is recorded with mostly two guitars, one with a delay pedal, and uses volume swells and reversed audio.


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